Community Service Report and News Highlight

Nov 30, 2023

Do you know about the amazing work that has happened over the last year in the church basement?

1.      The Oregon Food Bank delivered 69,923 pounds of food, that’s 35 tons!!!

2.      We paid $1,795 for additional food bank food. We also spent another $1,977 of food bought at WinCo, Costco, Walmart, Etc.

3.      We served 2,182 families with 8,543 family members. In November 2023 we more than doubled the number of people served in November 2019.

4.      For every family served a Pantry volunteer worked 1 hour.

5.      Thousands of items of clothing, shoes, diapers, etc. and etc. were given out

6.      Volunteers in clothing and quilting served hundreds of additional hours.

7.      We expect to spend at least $1,200 in the month of December for Christmas groceries.

What can you do to help?

1.      We need shoes and boots and COATS of all sizes. Diapers size 4, 5 & 6

2.      We need any non-perishable, groceries (not outdated)

3.      Bring Donations on Tuesday 9-1:30 or outside the Columbia Room on Sabbath Morning

4.      Donate money to Community Services

5.      Thank a Community Service Volunteer for their phenomenal dedication to God’s work for helping the less fortunate